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  • International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics
Heads of the Laboratory

Laboratory Head – Alexis V. Belianin

Chief Research Fellow – Heike Hennig-Schmidt


New discussion paper by Alexis Belianin, Heike Hennig-Schmidt, Gianluca Grimalda,Till Requate and Marina V. Ryzhkova
October 21
Heike Hennig-Schmidt and Gari Walkowitz gave a presentation at specialized conferences in Germany
October 20
They were able to predict the exact list of awardees of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2021: David Card, Joshua Angrist, and Guido Imbens.
October 11
Congratulations to our colleague on the publication of "Does Whistleblowing on Tax Evaders Reduce Ingroup Cooperation?"
October 06
The pre-deffence took place on September 30 via Zoom
September 30
Far Eastern Federal University accepted the I Pacific School of Experimental Economics
September 27
The bachelor thesis paper “The Influence of the Attitude towards Corruption on the Level of Trust between Agents” will be presented by the laboratory Research Assistant in the annual international forum for social scientists
July 29
The laboratory brought together academics from economics and related disciplines to present and discuss their latest work on evaluating and measuring beliefs and social norms through experimental methods
July 24
Egor Bronnigkov and Varvara Ushakova received first-degree grants from Yandex.Toloka for their conjoint project
June 29
More than 400 participants from over 20 countries took part in the online event
June 13
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