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  • HSE University
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  • International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics

The International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow, invites applications of graduate students who are interested in conducting research in the area of Behavioral Studies in Russiaandwant to write their PhD thesis in this research field.Of special interest are Interregional experimental studies in Russia and International Behavioral Studies between Russia and other countries. These research areas are rather new in general and a completely new scientific territory for Russia.

Our main research tools are incentivized laboratory experiments, large-scale interactive online experiments and surveys. Successful candidates will be actively involved in the analysis of existing data and in the development in new projects covering such issues as trust and trustworthiness, altruism, cooperative and antisocial behaviour across Russian regions. Survey data include demographic and social characteristics, participants’ decision motives, their trust in people and institutions, social and economic preferences, and many more. 

Possible topics for PhD theses include, but are not limited to

·        Inter-regional differences in the interplay between choices, beliefs and social demographics in Russia.

·        The impact of revealed and stated preferences on social capital in Russia.

·        Perception of inter-regional income inequality in Russia.

·        Gender differences in Russia in inter-regional comparison.

·        The impact of trans-regional migration on social capital in Russia.

·        Does living in the center or periphery of Russia matter for trust and trustworthiness?

·        Social norms in Russia – Does inter-regional heterogeneity exist?

·        Theoretical and other empirical investigations based on our data are welcome.

Future projects will include, for instance, interactive online experiments between Russians and people from other countries, studies on integrity and honesty across Russian regions, panel studies on the stability of preferences, or field experiments.

The successful applicants will be actively involved in contributing new research perspectives to our collaborative projects within the group’s research focus. This includes designing, preparing and conducting experimental research.


·        Completed Master’s Degree (with distinction) in Economics or related fields; preferably with a background in experimental economics, behavioral economics, or game theory

·        Fluency in spoken and written English

·        Experience in data analysis. Advanced statistics including programming skills in R, Stata and Python are welcome.

·        Teamwork capabilities, ability to work independently and communication skills

Applicants should send a letter of interest, their detailed CV as well as transcripts of records to tlibenson@hse.ru. Two recommendation letters are to be sent directly and independently to the same address.

Successful applicants are expected to enroll and complete the doctoral program at Higher School of Economics within the period of 2021-2024. Successful candidates will be offered a position at the Laboratory and are expected to apply to positions of Academic PhD students at HSE, with average monthly salary in the range of 50,000 to 80,000 RuR.

The preferred starting date is as soon as possible, yet we offer some flexibility.


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