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From values to behaviour: interdisciplinary studies of regional differences in Russia

The international one-day conference "From values to behaviour: interdisciplinary studies of interregional differences in Russia" was held on October 23, 2018. Eight reports were presented - from experimental studies to interregional growth models.

Moscow, 23 October 2018

Higher School of Economics, Krivokolennyi Pereulok 3, room K-327

10 am – 7 pm





10:00-10:10 – Introduction

Alexis Belianin, Heike Hennig-Schmidt



  1. Alexander Tatarko (International Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research, HSE Moscow) - Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital in the Russian Context (the case of 25 regions).

  2. Anatoly Karlin, Andrei Grigoriev, Konstantin Sugoniaev (Institute for Psychology RAS, Moscow). Rurik's Seed: Russian Regional Differences as Revealed by Internet IQ Testing .


11:40-12:00 Coffee break



  1. Alexis Belianin, Heike Hennig-Schmidt (International Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioural Economics, HSE Moscow), Marina Ryzhkova (Tomsk State University) - Belief and behaviour in long-distance experiments in Moscow, Tomsk and Samara: preliminary analysis.

  2. Tatiana Babkina (Tomsk State Univeristy, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Institute for Education, HSE) - Ethnicity and gender influence the decision making in a multinational state: The case of Russia.


13:30-14:00 Discussion


14:00-15:00 Lunch



  1. Timur Natkhov (Laboratory for Applied Analysis of Institutions and Social Capital and Economics Department, HSE Moscow) – Education and Trust in Russia: An Empirical Analysis .

  2. Elena Nikishina (Institute for National Project, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University) – Culture in the Russian regions: the results of social surveys in 2014-2016 .


16:30-16:50 Coffee break



  1. Olga Demidova (Economics Department, HSE Moscow) – Growth in Russian regions: different patterns for poor, middle and rich .

  2. Eduard Ponarin (Laboratory of Comparative Social Research, HSE St.Petersburg) - Happiness in selected Russian provinces in 2011–2012 .


General discussion and concluding remarks.